Laura Colmenares Guerra & Kristina Ianatchkova

2nd skin is a video created around a solo piece for cello composed by Renaud Lhoest and performed by Sigrid Vandenbogaerde. 2nd skin speaks about resilience, reconciliation, transformation and the ability to remain true to oneself.

A girl, armed with her piercing eyes and her arched bow, in an empty, strange and sombre place, watches for the least noise and the slightest movement. She attacks without aiming, to be sure, safe to protect herself ... But whom does she really aim at? Will she be able to release herself from what is holding her back?

Cello: Sigrid Vandenbogaerde
Directors: Laura Colmenares Guerra & Kristina Ianatchkova
DOP: Francisco Rodriguez
Featuring: Lila Malfeyt
VFX / 3D/ Editing / Compositing: Laura Colmenares Guerra & Kristina Ianatchkova
Script supervisor: Helene Hubert
Light assistant: Rafael Abril
Technical assistants: Erland Jacobsen, Pauline Pilla
Composition: Renaud Lhoest