Todor Todoroff & Laura Colmenares Guerra
in collaboration with Sigrid Vandenbogaerde

eVanescens is an interactive audio-visual performance, a journey through various states, at the ever-shifting border between the real world and a constantly reinvented onirical universe. Composer Todor Todoroff and Videographer Laura Colmenares Guerra explore hybrid, singular and disturbing territories. With cellist Sigrid Vandenbogaerde they perform live acoustic, electroacoustic and video elements. The cellist wears a set of inertial sensors on her chest, arms and hands. Each sensor includes 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer that allow the tracking of her movements. These sensors, associated with sound analysis techniques (extraction of the frequency, the envelope, harmonic content, ...) and gestural interfaces handled by the two other interpreters, control software that (re) synthesizes and multiplies in real time sound and image. Combined, they increase the expressive possibilities of the instruments, defining new musical gestures and offering innovative writing techniques. At the intersection of the acoustic sound and its many metamorphoses, in an intimate dialogue with the video image, eVanescens draws the viewer into an uncertain world, between disturbing strangeness, lightness and a feeling of weightlessness.

Todor Todoroff, composition, sensors & sound interactions
Laura Colmenares Guerra, video creation & video interactions
Sigrid Vandenbogaerde, cello creation
Yacine Sebti, Jitter programming
Marc Lhommel, light creation
Anne Guilleray, scenography
Lise Vachon, Marcela Ruiz Quintero, dance


with the support of

Vlaanderen verbeelding         FWB